Accounting Automation

Your accountant will love you for it

Complete Company Financial Management

Xero Accounting is the chosen accounting software for thousands of businesses word wide as it is an automated solution to your business financial reporting and tax obligations.

Fieldd is a featured app on the Xero platform allowing you to accurately sync your entire business operations with Xero in a couple clicks. Every cash, card and invoice that is processed will live sync with Xero. Xero will also sync your fieldd contacts, products and live syncs any paid invoices either externally on Xero, or locally on fieldd.

Now, itemised fieldd transactions are available in Xero including the fieldd platform fee for each transaction, reducing your annual accounting costs and audit liability.

*Quickbooks & MYOB Accounting Sync Coming July 2020*

Accounting Automation Software

Automatic Contractor Payroll

Work orders require staff scheduling & dispatch. Completed work orders require mobile payments. Mobile payments require checks that they were billed to the work order correctly. Independent contractors require individual payments & payment summaries.

Our field service automation combines scheduling and payments into an organised workflow with a clear daily list and indicators when any payments are outstanding. This reduces office manager tasks as much as 80%.

Financial Reporting & Analytics

Understanding your live financial position for the day, week, month and year can be hard to track and sometimes ends up in disappointing financial results.

Now you can view realtime data of the exact income your field service business will receive.  This data can be broken down to a staff and job level to easily track extra products sold and discounts applied to your services. 

A live available payout balance shows what will be paid to your company bank account every Thursday, based on a weekly Mon – Sun pay cycle. 

Analysing the performance of your field service company can unlock extra income and highlight delivery bottlenecks for improvement.

However, when using a range of business software and tools, accurate reports are hard to generate as the software generally doesn’t talk to each other. 

With fieldd, we have 50+ datasets at your fingertips that are ready to be exported and analysed by your team. Analytics from the highest ranked staff member to the average travel time to your service call are available.

Let fieldd take care of your books

Our complete financial and accounting features are here to help you worry about growing your business and not your books. Save time on admin and accounting with fieldd. 

Track Profit & Loss

100% Xero Integration

Automatic Payouts

Financial Reports

Just focus on growing your customers.

Get started in 5 mins and discover an easy to use, fully customisable field service toolkit, for companies big and small.

Connect some, or all of our features & pay on a per feature, per job basis. Fieldd is designed to grow with your company, big or small.