How to Maintain an AC Repair HVAC Business During Lockdown

Among tons of health concerns, this pandemic brought along a seriously negative impact on almost every kind of business on the planet. Every company that required people to step out of their homes to provide their services, had to be paused due to health concerns. Among these affected businesses, HVAC services and AC repair we’re hit hard.

As construction work halts due to health concerns, so does HVAC services. Due to lockdowns, it’s also impossible for HVAC businesses to provide services like AC repairs and furnace repairs. If you’re the owner or manager of an HVAC business and you’ve been suffering from decreased business in the past few months, we have just the right information to help you sell your HVAC services during a lockdown.

There are many reasons to scale your HVAC business. That’s why it’s unfortunate to be in a situation where your business is needed the most but you are unable to capitalize. The following is one example where improving your service capacity can help grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your service offering, learn more and try fieldd for free.

Improve your HVAC online marketing:

Products and services marketed online are much more likely to be positively received. That’s why to sell your heating and cooling services, it’s essential for you to get the word about your business out on the internet. Especially considering the current circumstances where the majority of people are stuck inside their houses, it’s important for you to reach them right there. 

You can approach online marketing in several ways. The simplest one is going to be social media advertisements. Advertise your AC company on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Facebook for instance lets you target audiences by age, region, gender, or interests in order to get the right customers. You can use these targeting tools to get the most out of your advertisement campaign. 

Alongside social media marketing, AC repair companies also use Google Ads to set up their campaigns and reach a wider audience. Your advertisements can show up in search results, on webpages, in banners, and so on. 

To get even more online advertisement, you can also purchase paid promotions from online influencers on YouTube. These creators have huge audiences and there will be an ideal one for your targeted age group and HVAC interest. 

Maintaining social distancing while on the job:

People are more concerned than ever for their health and would like you to adhere to health guidelines. Therefore, it’s important for your staff to maintain social distancing while providing services like AC repairs and furnace repairs. 

Make sure that your staff is trained to respect all health rules and regulations set by the government for operational businesses. Get your staff to reduce human contact to an absolute minimum. Teach them to provide efficient services while maintaining a safe distance from clients and co-workers. Other safety measures like sanitization must also be kept in mind at all times. 

In order to maintain profitability for your AC repair company, it’s important for you to ensure the safety of your clients as well as your staff. Not paying attention to safety measures in your AC repair business might lead to health concerns from your customers. Moreover, if your government requires you to follow safety rules, it has the power to take legal actions against you if you don’t follow them. 

Offer the best window cleaning services:

If you’re an HVAC business, give your customers the booking system they need. We are more than just a calendar app. With fieldd, our appointment software can be set to automatically schedule and dispatch the right staff member for the job. We go a step further than typical booking platforms by including features that help you grow your business. 

From smart-geofencing that optimizes your service area to quality control tools, fieldd helps your team maintain high standards and get more jobs done in a day. The included fieldd staff mobile app allows your team to upsell additional services and perform transactions right on the spot. 

Get started with fieldd for free. No cost per job and no credit card is required to sign up.

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